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Down on the Farm Commission

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

North Devon Moving Image have commissioned a new set of films showcasing farming life on Exmoor, and very happily my pitch has been selected to be one of the films made. Over the next year I'll be working with the Eveleigh family of West Ilkerton Farm to create a short film about their 'meat box' scheme and the importance of small, local abattoirs for animal welfare.

West Ilkerton is a completely idyllic farm at the North edge of Exmoor, and the family raise Devon cattle and Exmoor horn sheep, carrying on a tradition that is now over 100 years old on the farm. The welfare of their animals is always forefront in their concerns, and I'm keen to help boost awareness of the huge need for small-scale abattoirs - something that doesn't always come into people's minds when it comes to looking at how our food has been produced.

Looking forward to filming in this beautiful place and meeting all the animals!


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