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Laura is a Cornwall-based contemporary British painter. Her paintings are abstract and lyrical, and we worked together to bring that atmosphere into this short film to introduce people to her process. It's great working with artists as the subject matter is always so visually interesting, and Laura's intuitive way of painting was fascinating to watch.

Something a bit different! An animated explainer-video for the Register of Qualified Genealogists. During 2020's lockdowns, with all sorts of frustrating restrictions in place, it was fun to try a different way of presenting information in a clear and engaging way. This short animation is an introduction to the RQG for family historians. 

This film, commissioned by Cornwall Council, outlines plans for the Penzance Creative Cluster, an exciting new building for creatives living and working in Penzance. It was a great experience to work on a project so close to home and focused on strengthening the industry I work in, and to collaborate with drone pilot Duncan Scobie to get the amazing seagull's-eye shots of the town.

Plymouth University's student Law Clinic provides pro bono legal advice to the public while also giving students real, hands-on experiences in law. Working with partners such as the British Red Cross, Improving Lives and Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service, the Clinic is of huge benefit to the (often deprived) areas of Plymouth it serves.

Delpha is an artist based in Penzance who works with bitumen paint.
Sam and Rosie have created a revolutionary
alternative to traditional breast prostheses, and this Kickstarter video aims to help them raise further funds to develop the business.
Lizzie is a ceramic artist inspired by all things citrus. This film was created for screening at a conference to demonstrate her inspirations and current work.

Back from the Dead Red -  Behind the Scenes with Engine House VFX

A short series telling the story of this Cornish animation studio's adventure making their first feature film...

Episode 1 

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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