N E W 

A commission from North Devon Moving Image, West Ilkerton Farm (2019) explores small-scale Exmoor farming and one family's efforts to provide humane slaughter for their livestock.

This project came at a time when the sustainability and ethics of meat production frequently makes the headlines, and spending time on a farm whose hard work challenges many assumptions about British farming and attitudes was a really exciting film opportunity.

'Just As I Am', filmed over the summer of 2017, is a 30 minute portrait of the experiences of openly gay priests in the Church of England who navigate a grey area between acceptance and rejection. Permitted civil partnerships but forced to swear to celibacy in order to work, these priests live in a hugely challenging environment which has received little media attention.

'Just As I Am' is now online with Journeyman Films and is available for screenings.

Mary and Francis do battle with old age (2016)

Children from different London faith schools are brought together by 17 year old Asha through music to promote peace in the Middle East (2017)